Col Augustine Patterson Little, Jr. Military History

These are documents related to Col Augustine Patterson Little, Jr.'s military career and specifically related to his death in combat during the liberation of Paris, 27 Aug 1944.

Col Little commanded the 922nd Engineer Aviation Regiment during the invasion of Europe and was leading a reconnaissance mission of Le Bourget Airfield outside Paris when his command car came under attack from a German machine gun team. His car was struck and his driver Corporal Gordon Farr was wounded. Also in the car where his XO Lt Col Gil Hall and Col Park, who had commanded the 922nd EAR before Col Little. While assisting Corporal Farr to safety, Col Little and Lt Col Hall where both struck. Lt Col Hall was killed immediately and Col Little was stuck in the stomach. Col Little pulled Corporal Farr to safety and was later taken to a nearby hospital where he died two days later on 29 Aug 1944.

Col Little and Lt Col Hall are both buried at the American Cemetery at Normandy. Col Park died in a plane crash in Washington State in 1945. Corporal Farr survived the war and passed away in 2001.

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