The Patterson Watch

One of my most prized family possessions along with the family bibles is the “Patterson Watch.” This gold pocket watch was purchased in 1836 by my 3rd great grandfather, Augustine “Gus” Little Patterson. It has descended to each subsequent generation and is still in perfect working order.

The Patterson Watch

Inside the back case are a series of inscriptions listing the watch’s history and ownership.

This watch
purchased in 1836 by
Augustine Little Patterson
Born February 1, 1815
Died July 24, 1897
and descended to present
owner in direct line.
Nellie Patterson Little
Born December 10, 1857
Died February 5, 1948
Augustine Patterson Little
Born April 15, 1891
Died July 13, 1971
Augustine Patterson Little, Jr
Born Nov 17, 1914
Died Aug 28, 1944
Augustine Patterson Little III
Born Feb 13, 1939
Died Oct 19, 1998

David Patterson Little
Born (living)
Conor Patterson Little
Born (living)

The Owners

Gus Patterson

Augustine “Gus” Little Patterson


Nellie Paterson Little

Eleanor “Nellie” Patterson Little


Gus Little

Augustine “Gus” Patterson Little


Pat Little

Augustine Patterson “Pat” Little, Jr.


Pat Little

Augustine Patterson “Pat” Little III


David Little

David Patterson Little


Conor Little

Conor Patterson Little