William Patterson Family Bible

Malcolm Edgeworth Little (b. 06 Aug 1893, d. 03 Jul 1977) originally transcribed these records around 1955. David Patterson Little (b. 1961) reviewed and made slight corrections in 2001. Malcolm’s original comments are in parenthesis (()). My comments are in brackets ([]). The original Bible is now in the possession of David Little. 

[Malcolm’s original text with comments and corrections] 


The bible is the typical illustrated, large folio book, 10-1/4″ x 8-1/2″. Calf bound, the front cover and back are intact; the back cover has disappeared (I think that it was there but unattached when I was a boy); also missing are all the front pages to the 10th Chapter of Genesis and most of the Concordance. The text pages are in good condition [though beginning to discolor badly]; most of the maps and illustrations are badly torn. 

There is only tradition to support the belief that the leather covering is the original Buckhead Creek deer hide. (The Littles had a tannery and the leather is that of a young or small animal.) [For further information on “The Buckheead Creek deer hide” contact the submitter] There is internal evidence that the book originally belonged to some Little and was given to William and Eleanor Little Patterson. 

My mother [Eleanor Little Patterson, b. 10 Dec 1858, d. 05 Feb 1948] was firmly convinced that there was an older bible. In 1912 (I assume that a memorandum written later is correct) she and I made one of our trips “down to Burke County.” We located and called on one of the Netherlands families (see marriage records). In the hall was a once-handsome pier glass mirror and in the living room a Sheraton-style sofa, literally on its last legs. My mother asked the young woman about “the old bible” and was told that it wore out and they burned it.