William Patterson Bible Marriages


Family Record. Marriages

William & Eleanor Patterson join’d in wedlock January 6th 1803

Married on Tuesday the 20th Oct 1835 Wm Jimpsey Netherland to Miss Catharine M Daughter of Wm Patterson

Died 1st day of Sept. 1882 Mrs. Ca. M Netherland aged 78 years

J. B. Netherland died the 21st August 1883

Married Dec. 7, 1853 Ellen Edgeworth & Augustine Patterson

Married Nov. 14th 1883 Lizzie Edgeworth Patterson & J. T. Roberts

Departed this life Wm Patterson on the 21st of Sept. 1862 Aged 86 years

Departed this life Wm J. Patterson

Died Nov. 7th 1883 Robert Jackson Patterson aged 78 years

Ellen E. Patterson wife of A. L. Patterson departed this life April 4th 1885

Augusta Jane, their daughter, died June 15th 1887