William Little, Jr Bible Family History Page 1

William Little , Jr Family History Page 1

The family history entries are as follows:

William Little the son of William and Eloner [Eleanor] Little w[as] born the twentysixth day of Febury [sic] 1753.

Catherine Patterson born in September in the Year 1757

William Little & Catherine Patterson Joined in Wedlock on th[e] third day of January 1775.

William Little their son, born Wednesday 8th November 17[missing but believed to be 1775] at 11 o’clock at night
The Bible entry is missing the last two digits of William’s birth year. It does list however the day as Wednesday the 8th. A later entry gives his death date as what appears to be 18 Aug 1782, aged 6 years, 10 months & 2[undecipherable] days. The number of months seems to be off by 1. The day and month on both birth and death dates are clear, as is the death year. The earliest the birth year could be is 1775 and the latest is 1776. 8 Nov 1775 was in fact a Wednesday.

Nancy Little their Daughter born Wednesday 4th November [crossout] 1777 at 11 o’clock at night

Eloner [Eleanor] Little their Daughter born Tuesday 3rd August 1779 at one o’clock in the Morning

Catherine [Patterson] Little the Wife of William Little departed this Life on Tuesday [crossout] 15[smudged]th October 1781. Aged 23[smudged] years & 11 Months
Catherine’s death entry in the Bible is a little hard to read but 15 Oct 1781 was in fact a Tuesday. However, the age calculation appears to be off. Her birth entry states clearly that she was born in September. Her death entry shows October. There are not 23 years and 11 months apart.

William Little their Son departed this Life 18th August 1782 Aged 6 years, 10 Months & 2[smudged] Days